Azarae Renee

Azarae, the dynamic fashion stylist and wardrobe consultant exudes a contagious enthusiasm for culture, social impact, and visual storytelling.

Born and raised from the vibrant city of Raleigh, North Carolina, this 28-year-old visionary has ingeniously merged her passion for fashion with a heartfelt desire to uplift those in need. By harnessing the transformative power of style, Azarae has masterfully empowered individuals to embrace their uniqueness and radiate confidence, self-love, and self-expression

Pricing & Packages

A Curated Look

I work with you to achieve your desired look! We work with what you have and add new pieces if necessary to get you ready for your photoshoot.

Be advised, this fee does not include the price of items purchased.

$60 per Look

Model Mentor

Don't know how to pose? No worries! Leave it all up to me as I accompany you to your photoshoot to help make sure you are looking your best! I'll coach you right into the perfect photo!

$50 per hour